The importance of Responsive Design

The importance of Responsive Design

Responsive Design is a key factor in any website development. Responsive Design is the feature that will help your website become all-device-friendly (mobile phones, tablets, TV), which of course means increased visitor time at your website, who, then, will convert into customers for your business. We must also mention that it contributes to improving SEO and your search engine ranking.

Responsive web design

Simply put, responsive design is the feature allowing a webpage to automatically adjust to all screen sizes. In particular, when a visitor navigates through your webpage from a device with a smaller screen, they don't need to scroll right and left to view all the content. This of course helps avoid unnecessary zooming and scrolling, and thus ensure a great experience for every visitor.

The importance of Responsive Design

It's a fact that we are in the era of rapid technological advancement. Internet browsing from mobile phones and tablets is gradually growing. As it's neither easy nor practical to create a different version of your website for every screen size, responsive design is the most reliable method to ensure the visitors' optimized experience. In addition, Google itself has stated that responsive design of a website is a key factor in SEO. Thus, any website development targeting high organic rankings must absolutely feature responsive design. What is more, there are many more reasons to choose responsive design.

Benefits of responsive design

There are countless benefits from investing in responsive design. Below we will analyze the most important ones.

1. Saving money

Think about having to create a website or an eshop for each device a visitor uses.Of course you would need at least 4 different websites for this.Choosing a website with a responsive design solves this problem.

2. Easy to manage

A website with a responsive design is much easier to manage. Any changes in content or design can be implemented by yourself, without having to make specific adaptations depending on the type of the browsing device.

3. Optimal navigation experience for visitors

The navigation experience of your website users is vital to achieving your goals. Whether it's a services webpage or an online store, ensuring the best navigation experience will help you secure new customers for your business.

4. Better rankings in search engines

As mentioned above, the responsive design of a website is a key factor in SEO. If you 're targeting Google's organic results and want to increase the number of visitors, it's an absolute must that you design a responsive website. The more friendly your website is to users and search engines, the higher rankings you'll get.


It is easy to understand that responsive design is a key factor for developing any successful eshop or professional website . If you want to stand out from the competition and offer your visitors an excellent navigation experience, you should pay special attention to this feature. Webalists' specialized Web Designers and Developers are able to ensure a functional responsive design, of high aesthetics, that will help you reach the top.

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