What are the traits of a successful Web Design?

What are the traits of a successful Web Design?

Web design is one of the most important investments for a business that wants to grow and attract alarger audience.The truth is that a company that does not have its own website cannot be competitive nowadays.A successful website design requires several factors and certain features to be considered effective andsuccessful.

In what follows, we 've prepared a step-by-step guide with all the factors that contribute to a successfulwebsite design and that only an experienced and specialized web designer can offer you.

Factors that make a website design successful

Factors that make a website design successful.Website development is much more than the configuration of a platform.Certainly, the low cost of developing a website on free open source platforms, such as WordPress,seems quite attractive.And the truth is that in several cases it can make a significant contribution to your business's growth.However, are these platforms able to meet the needs of each business?

Custom Web Design

Webalists has as its main principle the development of custom-designed websites and eshops.This means that every website we start designing is not based on ready-made platforms and templates.The main reason is that custom web design can better meet the needs of a business.It is only in this way that we can achieve the results that will also ensure the success of your website.

Responsive Design

It is imperative for every modern website to feature responsive design.Responsive design is highly important, as it is the function that allows the website to automaticallyadjust to all screen sizes.In other words, whether the visitor uses their mobile phone, a tablet, or even a smart TV, the websiteshould be viewed in the best possible way, without the need for scrolling right and left.

Mobile Friendly Websites

There's a big difference between responsive design and mobile friendly website design.As mentioned above, a responsive web design allows the website to adapt to all monitors.The mobile friendly design will add a set of additional features to ensure an optimal overall experiencefor people using smartphones.Counting the huge number of Internet users on their mobile phones, a modern website must always bemobile friendly, if it is to become successful.

Website speed

Website speed is a key factor in optimizing the visitor's navigation experience.Every second it takes for your website to load, you lose a significant number of visitors.In fact, with the new updates of Google's algorithm, a website targeting high rankings, needs to loadquite quickly.

Improving the speed of your website requires specialized knowledge and a set of optimizations on yourwebsite code.Trust the experienced team of Webalists to optimize your website in the best possible way.

Additional functions

The success of a website does not only depend on web design.A set of additional functions should be integrated into the development phase of the website.Google Analytics is one of them.If you get the most out of Google Analytics right, it can bring you huge benefits.

What to avoid in a web design?

In a future article, we will analyze the most frequent errors during the development of a website.One of the things we think it is good to emphasize is the free development of a website and the risks itposes.Several platforms promise a free website.This will not produce the desired results.

In most cases, these platforms require extra fees to unlock complete access to your website.We will not focus more on this for the time being, but it would be good to bear in mind that professionaland successful Web Design requires web designers' and developers' specialized knowledge.

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