How to choose a domain name for your business

How to choose a domain name for your business

Selecting a domain name is of vital importance for your online presence. It is a decision that will accompany you for a long time in the future and a very important factor that will determine your business popularity and may prove to be the key element to your success. That's why, determining your company's digital address isn't the easiest decision. Webalists has collected the criteria you should consider to make this decision.


Does it sound like a brand?

Domain names should be words, appropriate to lead the buying audience to subconsciously connect them to your brand. To remember a domain name, it must be something unique, imprinted in the consumer's mind, so that they can search for your website right after the first time they find out about your brand.


Is it easy to pronounce?

A domain name must be easy to pronounce. The buying audience will search for you online, typing your domain name after having memorized it. Therefore, the easier it is to pronounce a domain name, the better it will be impressed in the minds of the buying audience.


Is it sizable?

Our tip: a domain name should be as short as possible. The size of a domain name affects the factor mentioned above, that is, whether it's easy to pronounce. A domain name featuring a few characters is much easier to remember and search for in social media.


Is it available?

Make sure that the domain name you select doesn't belong to someone else. If the domain name you select is already used by another brand, there are two main risks:

a) to confuse the buying audience and miss your brand and

b) to be subject to serious legal implications with the other brand, to which legal rights already belong. So make sure the domain name is free.


Is it directly linked to your product?

A successful domain name should make the buying audience recall the image of your product and its experience, if consumed. For these reasons, select a domain name to speak for your product or services and their features.


Does it contain a strong keyword?

Keywords are "tools" that help to better imprint your brand in the minds of the buying audience. At the same time, they give you an important lead in the SEO race, because search engines take into account the domain name's keyword.

Therefore, if you choose a domain name that meets the requirements mentioned above and also contains a strong keyword, then your choice is definitely successful!


Can I change it?

If the domain name serving your brand is already registered by another business, go ahead and change it!



Securing your domain name is a very important milestone in your business history! It's its stamp!

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