Myths and actual facts about SEO

Myths and actual facts about SEO

You can find on the internet several myths and actual facts about SEO.Reading about how to optimize your website for search engines, you can find useful tips or tips thatwon't benefit you at all.The truth is that it is very difficult to distinguish between myth and actual fact in this area.There are thousands of factors influencing a webpage ranking on Google.Many of them have been kept as a closely guarded secret by the Internet giant.

Myths about SEO

Unfortunately, no one knows exactly how the algorithms of search engines work and what factors wetake into account most.This is the reasons of creating both myths and actual facts about SEO.Let's look at some of the most widespread myths regarding the optimization of websites with SEO.

Paid PPC ads improve rankings

One of the most widespread myths about SEO is that choosing to advertise with Google will also helpyou rank in the organic results.This is certainly not the case. Google has already admitted this and, moreover, the algorithm for organicresults is completely different from that of advertising.Certainly the advantages of advertising websites on Google ads are quite important, but improvingrankings is not among them.

Google Sandbox

Several argue that any new website posted goes into a sort of Sandbox and cannot be shown in theorganic results for some time.This is of course not the case, yet we could say that it is not 100% myth.In particular, Google needs some time before it understands and classifies the type of a website.This means that, until then, your website may appear but in a very low place in search results.However, there is no such thing as a Google Sandbox.

The age of a domain name affects SEO

Another myth that Google itself has refuted.The domain's age does not play any part in SEO.What could affect the organic results, however, is the age of the website under a certain domain.This is mainly because an old website may have developed more backlinks and generally a certainreputation on the Internet.

The Domain Authority & Rating influences organic results

Some people use the Domain Authority by MOZ and the Domain Rating by Ahrefs as a ranking factor fortheir website.You'll even see that they use these metrics to ask for huge amounts for a backlink to your website.The truth is that these metrics are in no way related to Google and its rankings.It's not that they are completely irrelevant, as these companies also base their metrics on a set offactors.

However, the main factor affecting domain authority and domain rating are backlinks.And as we have seen in recent years more and more people can manipulate these results.

The more text the better

Texts are one of the most important ranking factors for a website.If you don't have good and properly structured content, you can't climb to the top of Google.What's the case when it comes to text size?There's certainly no exact text length considered ideal.The purpose of each text is to offer value to the visitor.This means that if a subject requires a great deal of analysis to, more text will help.

However, if you want to describe something that can be written in 300-400 words, writing long storiesjust to make it 1000 words will not help.Therefore, the quality of the text is the important feature, not its length.Remember, Google's algorithm is smart enough to understand when content is simply full ofunnecessary words.

SEO takes 3 months to work

Another SEO myth is the time required to see the campaign results.SEO services are particularly important for any website targeting to increase its traffic.However, we cannot say with confidence how much time it will take to start bringing results.

Each SEO campaign is different.Its final success depends on a number of factors, such as the current situation of the website,competition, and more.Some pages may appear on Google's top places as of the first month, while others may take more than 6months.The three-month time limit is in no case precise.

A company targeting SEO should bear in mind that it may take more than six months to join the firstthree places in search results. 

The myths and actual facts about SEO are much more.In future articles we will analyze more of them.You should remember that before you do something you should look for it or have SEO on your websiteassigned to a specialized company such as Webalists.

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