What are the advantages of a custom eshop in terms of competition?

What are the advantages of a custom eshop in terms of competition?

When you want to start your own online store, it's definitely a very hard decision to make. But it's a must if you want your business to survive in the modern market. The second and also important step is to reflect on what you are looking for from by developing an eshop. Do you want an online store like all the others, or do you want to stand out from the competition?

If you identify yourself in the second category, then developing a custom eshop is the best option. There are many reasons, and we will analyze them in what follows.

The benefits of a custom eshop

What is a custom eshop? It's the online shop that's not designed based on ready-made platforms. This means that the online store website is set up from ground zero, by an experienced and qualified developer.

Certainly the cost is higher than if you would choose to develop an online store website on a ready-made platform, such as Wordpress or Opencart, yet as you will read below, the benefits you'll get are incomparable.

1) Unique design based on your own needs

The most important thing when you choose a custom eshop is that it will be set up exclusively around your brand and the unique features of your business. This makes it unique. The Internet is full of online shops, all based on the same templates and designs. By choosing a custom design, you instantly stand out from the crowd. As a result, consumers will remember your brand better.

It is quite reasonable. When you see something unique, you appreciate it, and it's easier to remember than everything else. The same applies to an online shop.

2) Optimal navigation functionality and experience

Themes based on ready-made platforms, such as Wordpress' WooCommerce, have been built on a specific design and functionality.

This means that the possibilities are limited to those set out from the outset by the theme's creator. There is also the option of installing add-ons that will unlock new features in your eshop, but this, as we will see below, will reduce loading speed and create more security gaps.

With a custom eshop, a light and fully functional website is ensured, which will provide the best navigation experience for your potential customers.

3) A custom eshop is faster

As many optimizations as you perform on a platform-based eshop, speed will always be a glitch. This problem can be eliminated by custom design, since all the functionalities and features of the online store are embedded in the code. This ensures maximum speed in both loading the homepage and navigating the eshop products.

4) A custom eshop provides greater security

There are several cases of security breach on the Wordpress platform and others. As these platforms are based on open software, they are much more vulnerable to cyber criminals. By choosing a custom eshop development, the above described is no longer a threat.

5) In the long term it is a better investment

Certainly the cost of creating a custom eshop is higher than other options. The reason for this is, of course, that the developer will work many more hours to design the eshop from the beginning and on the basis of your requirements. Though long-term, your investment will become more cost-effective.

When your eshop is based on ready-made Themes, sooner or later they will stop being updated. This means that you will need to buy a new theme to enable your online store to meet the market needs. That of course translates to a permanent cost for you.

We should, also, not skip the plugins you will need to purchase to get the features you want. There are certainly many free plugins, but they only cover some of the needs of an eshop and it is of course easier to stop receiving updated or be breached.

If you want to design and develop a custom eshop to stand out from competition and maximize your business's profits, just contact us.

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