SEO and its importance

SEO and its importance

What is SEO?A question that concerns all online businesses and anyone who owns a website.A term quite common by now, yet in Greece those who really know its meaning are very few.


What is SEO?

The term SEO derives from the initials of the Search Engine Optimization.Optimization of search engines is important for the success of any online business.This is a set of rules improving your website, to achieve top ranking on Google and other search engines.


SEO is a complex process that includes several tasks on a website to make it more search engine friendlyand reward it with higher rankings.With the highest places on Google, the number of visitors to your website will grow exponentially.The Search Engine Optimization process targets two key factors.The first is to understand what the online audience is looking for.The second is to configure a website, to show on Google that it offers exactly what the user is lookingfor, and in a better way than its competitors.


Implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy will ensure a high quality website.Bottom line, although there are many key SEO factors, quality content was, is, and will be number onepriority.For example, some tasks a SEO specialist implements are:


  • Appropriate search for keywords.

  • Quality writing – Content Writing.

  • Speed and security optimization.

  • Improving the user's overall experience on the website.

  • Appropriate distribution of content and media.

  • Creating Backlinks and off-page SEO.

Why is SEO important?

In today's competitive market, implementing a SEO strategy is more important than ever before.Search engines serve daily millions of users who are looking for answers and solutions to their problems,various products to buy or services they will need.Implementing an effective strategy, you'll get a large number of new visitors who will visit your pagebecause you're offering them exactly what they're looking for.


There are several myths and actual facts regarding SEO, but its importance is undeniable, and the mainreasons are:


  1. The majority of users looking for something, more than 70% in particular, choose only Google's top 5websites to visit.Of course, the first position attracts most of the visitors and, in general, percentages decreasesubstantially, after the third website.Only few visit even Google's second website.
  2. SEO is not only about search engines, but also a set of optimizations that help make your website moreuser-friendly and improve the user experience.
  3. Users trust search engines.Seeing your website in the top places –as you have used specific keywords– increases their confidence init.
  4. SEO will help you come no top of online competition and increase your business profits.

Are there many types of SEO?

A quick answer is no.SEO concerns a set of tasks both on and off a website.That is why we cannot talk about many SEO types but many different optimizations.


For example, with the term "On-page SEO", we describe all the work done on the site, such asoptimizing titles and descriptions, adding quality texts, improving speed, etc.

There are also "Off-Page SEO" tasks, which relate to external actions.Some of the most popular ones are creating backlinks, improving social networks on your website, localSEO targeting users in your region, and more.

What else do I need to know about Search Engine Optimization?

We will be posting a number of articles around this topic, so you would understand all the individualtasks required for your website to get the first places on Google.What you need to keep in mind for now is that SEO will help you increase traffic on your website oreshop and, of course, business profits.There are too many websites.But few manage to attract enough visitors and stand out.


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